General Info - BIPF School
The BIPF School

General Info

School Timing

  • Nursery & KG : 7.30a.m to 11.30a.m. Monday-Friday
  • Class I to V : 7.30am to 1:25pm Monday – Friday
  • Class VI & IX: 7:30am-1:25pm Monday – Friday and 1st &  3rd Saturday

School Uniform

Uniform sample is available at admission office. Black colour shoes with Velcro straps are recommended. On Fridays, we have house T-shirt with black shorts. Children wear a full sleeve sweater for winter. Uniforms and books are supplied by vendors at school premises.

Girls should wear unobtrusive earrings. Girls may use black or blue hair bands/ribbons to tie their hair. Boys need to have a neat, short haircut.

Books & Syllabus

We follow Private publications for NUR- StdV. Std VI onwards we follow a mix of selected books both from NCERT & Pvt. Publishers.

School CBSE Affiliation

TBS has been granted CBSE Affiliation for classes I to Xth.

Rules and Code of Conduct

  • They should always be well-mannered to others in and out of school.
  • There should be no vulgarity in their talk and behaviour.
  • They should accept whatever work is assigned to them as their rightful share.
  • They should always be ready to lend a helping hand.
  • They should be honest and never cheat or be unfair at tests, exams and play.
  • They should rise when any teacher or visitor comes to talk to them.
  • They should never bully anyone. Should report any such incident to the teachers.
  • They should respect the school property and report any damage they may observe, to the teachers.
  • They should never hesitate to say “NO” when asked or tempted to do a thing which they feel is wrong.
  • They should respect the liberty and rights of others.
  • They should not discriminate their peer or teachers irrespective of their caste, colour and creed.
  • They should take pride in wearing their school uniform.
  • They should pay respect to the Constitution, the National Flag, the National Anthem and any national code of conduct.