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The BIPF School

About TBS

Every child deserves the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.

The BIPF School has been established with the view that Education is the single biggest driver of societal change. The school aims at unleasing the ability of each student by providing them with a firm foundation for accomplishment.

Promoted under the aegis of Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation, named after the founders of IMFA Group, the promoters of IMFA believe that every child must have the opportunity of quality education and this is what led to the establishment of The BIPF School in Choudwar, Cuttack District, Odisha.

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Our Vision

To ignite deep awareness in every child to embrace their strengths and work to their potential.

Our Mission

To provide quality education in a caring environment with strong values, thus empowering our students with a firm foundation to lead in their chosen field.

The Core Values of TBS

Respectful, kind and committed to working with peers and serving society.
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Putting in their best effort towards goals and persevering through obstacles.
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Ability to evolve and invest in personal growth in order to succeed in an ever-changing global environment.
Take responsibility and ownership of their own future.
Believing in yourself


The BIPF School Philosophy

Our approach to education is built on the philosophy that each individual has the capacity to achieve their highest potential through learning, hard-work, pursuit of meaningful goals as well as responsibility towards their own future. Our curriculum design and delivery is based on continuous-learning, grit, result-orientation, and future readiness. We are committed to communicating and collaborating with parents to ensure each student’s success.

How to Enroll Your Child ?