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Mrs. Namashree Pati


The BIPF School strongly adheres to its core objective, “Igniting Potential”, encouraging curiosity and creativity in our students. The Covid-19 pandemic taught us that uncertainty and change is inevitable and this difficult time has worked as a change agent for the education sector. TBS found new ways to impart learning and has come out stronger. We started online classes and created a digital learning platform for TBS learners. Simultaneously we undertook teacher training, technology training and upgrade, conducted online classes and online assessments while keeping our focus on “Learning for Leadership”. Wild range of learning experiences are offered in an excellent infrastructural set-up, complemented with digital efficiency through ERP, e-learning and other appropriate resources.

Mentoring mindset of teachers and one-to-one mentoring has become a part of the teaching – learning process. Parents -Teacher meetings are conducted to share insights and information for the overall development of the child, thereby strengthens the bond. It is necessary for children to learn but more importantly the children should learn how to learn. In the pursuit of knowledge our approach is to make education holistic, experiential, inquiry-based, discover-oriented, value-based, flexible, enjoyable and above all learner-centered. We are following the latest, updated best practices keeping in mind future needs of our students. We at The BIPF School, not only preparing our students for academics but also preparing them for life developing competency skills so that they will be able to resolve problems, work collaboratively, embrace diversity, think critically, make decisions, offer leadership, take responsibility of life, respect culture, care for the environment, develop patriotic feelings and understand the moral values of life. We have demonstrated a long term commitment to improve and focus on what is best for our students. The journey is motivational for us too and we believe that every TBS student will excel in their chosen field.