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Mrs. Namashree Pati


The BIPF School at Banipada, Choudwar run under the aegis of Bansidhar and Ila Panda Foundation strives to shape young minds preparing them to succeed in this fast-paced environment of the 21st century.

In today’s world, the role of a school is no longer about disseminating information as information on any topic is readily available to students through the internet. It is to unlock children’s potential, nurture their curiosity, build in a habit of reading and learning, and prepare them for the adventure called life.

At the BIPF School, we build strong values in our students. We inculcate the importance of self-belief, confidence, perseverance, compassion, leadership, and care for the environment in them. We understand that each child is unique. We encourage and celebrate their uniqueness. We prepare our students to continue to challenge themselves and compete at national and international platforms. Our students are our pride and our future. The BIPF School will keep continuing to work in their best interests and create the best possible environment for their growth and development.