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Mrs. Namashree Pati


My association with The BIPF School begins from the first year of its establishment and it’s indeed my pride to see the school grow consistently.

The core values of TBS : Hardwork, Self-Belief, Adaptability, Self-Reliance and Compassion are reflected in our framework, wherein we lay equal emphasis to academics and co-curricular interests. Oratory & writing skills are of primary importance in addition to moral values, life skills, personal hygiene and social mannerisms.

Experiential Learning Pedagogy, a student centric approach allows children to be inquisitive and we help them find the right answers under proper guidance. At TBS every child is encouraged to participate in multiple activities and develop their own identity as a student.

During Covid closure, our offline teaching was based on time-regulated classes and subject integrated assignments with due weightage to viva & written sheets. To help students cope the impediment of physiological barriers, we introduced bonding classes which was highly appreciated and have now turned into Mentorship program.

TBS a CBSE Affiliated School aligns its academic standard as per NEP (New Education Policy) guidelines and strives to offer par excellence curriculum in the locality of Choudwar. The BIPF Learning System is staunchly supported by Professional Development Programs designed and delivered by educational consultants and trainers from across pan-India. Our academic team goes through systematic review of teaching methodologies and acquires skillful ways to nurture child psychology.

In this journey of four years, TBS has progressively opened classes from Nursery to Std IX and looks forward to welcome its batch of Std Xth students in 2023.