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Mrs. Manisha Mitra

Academic Advisor (Former Founder Principal of DPS Kalinga)

The BIPF School in Choudwar set up by the Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation, is a milestone in the field of school education. It is a school with difference which will be instrumental in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of parents and students of Choudwar and its adjacent areas. The school with world class infrastructure with all the facilities will bring it at par with any such institutions in Odisha. It has been my utmost privilege to be associated with the school in planning Former Founder Principal of DPS Kalinga their academic framework and providing guidance for its extension. The curriculum is child-friendly and designed to make learning fun and lasting.

The young students learn at their own pace and can achieve excellence in the area of their choice and interest. Games and soft skills form an integral part of their learning experience. This multifaceted approach will nurture and train the students to grow in to confident and responsible citizens of the country. The positive change in students is evident from the first batch that joined us in 2019 and continues to remain. TBS students will continue to excel and shine in all the fields.