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The BIPF School is equipped with beds and an isolation ward with all modern facilities including an in-house mini-pharmacy. Full time medical staff is available on campus to identify and handle any possible medical emergencies.

The school will also organise regular health & dental checkup camps

For the convenience of the students and parents, the school will operate bus services connecting nearby areas & within the city. All the buses will be checked regularly to ensure the utmost safety and security of the child. Each bus will have minimum of one attendant to take care of the children when travelling to and fro from the school. At least one teacher is available in each bus to maintain discipline.

Every possible care will be taken to ensure regular and punctual bus service. In case of sudden breakdown or unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation, the same is communicated to the parents and a replacement service is made available at the earliest.

At our Discovery room, teachers will seek to maximize the academic potential of each child and develop both a positive self-image and the child’s full range of motor skills. In an environment rich in sensory experiences, the child will learn thematic units of study, hands-on activities and expert instruction. Free play, music, art and drama activities will stimulate creativity and self-expression. Some of the stunning highlights of our Discovery room are:

  • Soft Play
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Doll House
  • Super Market
  • ATM & Bank models
  • Role Play
  • Kitchen sets & many more


Learning would be fun for preschoolers in the delightful splash pool, sandpit and outdoor play area.

The library will be the centre of research and project work and the students will be supported with internet and printing options. All students are automatically members of the library and can borrow up to two resources at any one time for a maximum of two weeks.

The library stocks a variety of resources for all levels and abilities, including;

  • Modern fiction, classic novels, graphic and Manga novels, short stories, poetry, plays and autobiographies.
  • Information books covering subjects such as Science, Art, Geography, History, Sports, Culture, Cookery, and many more.
  • Reference books including encyclopedias, English and foreign language dictionaries and atlas guides.

The modern computer lab at The BIPF School is designed with 1:1 student computer ratio. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which caters to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The lab is equipped with IT enabled teaching aids and simultaneously act as the online examination room for inter-house and inter-school online competitions.

The lab will also act as an In-house resource centre for R & D cell to develop customized worksheets, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation papers for the students. As a policy matter before inducting a faculty we ensure that they have a keen interest in information technology so that they can satiate the growing thrust of our students.

The Mathematics lab is designed to develop and promote student’s problem solving skills. Lab exercises are meticulously designed for each class, which are administered by experienced teachers and students can engage in cooperative experiences. The Mathematics lab also creates avenues to apply mathematical principles to solve real world problems through specially designed tasks.

The BIPF School has collaborated with TATA Edge as its smart class partner. A classroom has students with varied power of understanding and learning, and studying from notes and other materials becomes difficult for some students. But the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students. Moreover, this kind of education in class promotes more interaction between teacher and student with more participation from both sides.

We have also collaborated with a dedicated school ERP partner to have very updated , fast moving, technology driven school

  1.  Android app & website Login facility will be available for
  • Parents to view notices, student details and accounts/bills of their wards.
  • Student login to view progress; access homework and submit HW online.
  • Teachers: To update all academic records; set assignments online andcorrect the same online.
  1. SMS Facility to send reminders of notices / bills to parents.
  2. Smart Card System: This can be used
    • To track attendance of students and teachers.
    • For issue of books in the library
    • Prepaid cards to purchase meals in the canteen.

Sports, an integral part of our culture, ensure a good physical development of students. It helps build a positive spirit among children as they participate in every game very enthusiastically. The BIPF school provides all basic facilities to create an effective sports environment Sport and physical education is fundamental to the early development of children and the skills learnt during sports, physical education, and play contribute to the holistic development of young people.

  • Cricket Fields
  • Football Fields
  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball
  • Splash Pools
  • Table Tennis
  • Khokho and Kabaddi
  • Gymnasium
  • Carrom and Yoga

The counsellor and trained teachers help the children to cope with psychological stress due to peer and academic pressure. The students of The BIPF School are individually looked after in its amiable environment. A lot of support and encouragement is given to students and their physical, moral, personal and social well-being are taken care of. With these the school aims to complement parents in the task of boosting in children the growth of sound values and self-discipline and achieving socially acceptable norms of behaviour.

Pastoral Care is a framework through which the school strives to achieve the overall development of the child. The BIPF school offers its students the safe and sound environment where they can unfurl their unique personality. The teaching and non-teaching staff of the school are highly competent to tackle all the important issues related to the current development in curriculum, citizenship, health, social and moral education, managing behavior, issues of school bullying and emotional development, counseling and care of students. Through Pastoral Care the school seeks to attain growth of a child in spheres such as:

  • Academics
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Personal
  • To develop the feeling of belongingness towards the School.
  • Development of Harmony with students.