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Beyond Classroom


We have created a host of extra-curricular activities that instill students with confidence and a sense of healthy competition. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and performs various levels – regular assemblies, celebrations and events in the school. These Creative Activities ensure 360development of our students.

  • Elocution,
  • Creative Writing
  • Debating
  • Poetry Writing
  • Audio Visual Communication
  • Drawing
  • Drama
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Computer Club
  • Arts & Craft

Students at The BIPF school can choose from a wide range of music/dance classes based on their interest and ability. The aim of this program is to develop in each child an appreciation for music and train them in the basics. More advanced students have the opportunity to train further under our classically trained teachers. At present, the school offers the following music/dance lessons:

  • Vocal
  • Key Boards
  • Drums
  • Indian Classical Dance

The BIPF School believes in the assertions of the child development experts that the children must imbibe the Yoga and Meditational techniques at the very start of their lives. It helps prevent the onset of stress and confusion. To facilitate it, we have inducted meditation and yoga as a part of the curriculum that results in building positive relationships, enhancing academic and extracurricular performance, constructing emotional intelligence, and strengthening their psychological aspects.

The school will arrange Picnic’s & Excursions time to time to rejuvenate the students to enhance their exposure to outer world. At times learning through educational tours is very enticing & outcome oriented

The school will have auditorium-cum-multipurpose hall, which would be used for a variety of school activities, which includes but is not limited to dramatics and musical performances, assemblies and guest lectures, movie screenings, workshops and special dinners.