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One of the most challenging tasks in education is the creation of a curriculum which is distinct as well as within the regulatory framework of the education system. But why do we need to create a curriculum that is distinct from others? Why do we want some additional inputs to complement our CBSE curriculum which is excellent in itself? The answer lies in the need for enhancing Indian school curriculum so that a perceptible gap between its present-orientation and the required future-orientation may be bridged. Let us try to understand it.

Indian curriculum is excellent, yet a majority of the concepts especially from Science, Mathematics, and Language – which a child will encounter in studies after school-years – are not adequately covered at foundation level. This lack of acquaintance during his formative years results in relative difficulties to comprehend their finer nuances at a critical juncture of his career. A brilliant child thus – who could have reached the international frontiers of intellect –stopped short of realizing his full potential.

The BIPF School will be affiliated to (CBSE) Central Board of Secondary Education. The curriculum is a blend of modern pedagogy and Indian Values. Keu focus area of our curriculum are

  • Academics
  • Culture
  • Life Skills
  • Extended Learning
  • Education Enrichment
  • Parent Engagement

It has been designed in such a way that it facilitates the following:

· Creating curiosity: This process brings longevity of the learning as well as continuity of it.

· 24 By 7 Learning: Learning does not start in a classroom, and it does not end there. This process ensures anywhere-anytime learning with our extensive IT network & technology.

· Academic Rigour: Process of rigorous practice helps children achieve highest results in national and international competitive examinations.

· Silence: Only a silent and calm mind can receive and inculcate knowledge. Through meditation techniques, we help our students develop a silent, fertile, and receptive mind.

· Self Study: Apart from chalk and talk process, we develop skills of self-study. We believe that success can be achieved only by those students who have developed a habit of self-study.

The curriculum at the Pre-Primary level will focus at:

  • Personal Social and Emotional development
  • To develop gross and fine motor skills
  • To enhance manipulative skills.
  • To develop phonic sounds
  • To recognize letters and related words
  • To develop reading readiness
  • To develop listening skills
  • To enhance mathematical development
  • To create knowledge and understanding of the world
  • To enhance Physical development
  • To enhance creative development

From Class 1 to 5: The NCERT syllabus has to be followed. However, the textbooks selected will be a perfect combination of CBSE guidelines and modern pedagogy.